Neighborhoods Made

The best neighborhoods tell a story. Rich with history and texture, neighborhoods are the living, breathing characters in the plot of our daily lives. Their individual tastes and sounds pique our curiosity and inspire our loyalty. Home to some, a destination for others, they are defined by the people who bake the bread, lead the yoga class, and pour the pint; who walk the dog, create the art, and hold court at the coffee shop. There are those who know every turn, tree and chalk drawing on the sidewalk, and others who travel a distance to share a favorite meal or explore a new block. We’ve made it our mission—and business—to shape these hubs of activity and life in Los Angeles, from downtown to the beach.

Our mission at Conroy Commercial is simple. We wake up every morning eager to connect people with properties, assets with brands, and spaces with the visionary entrepreneurs who shape the almost 50 neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles.